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Disco Ball
vip nightclub packages


Las Vegas FREE VIP Club Entry & More....


Las Vegas Club Packages & Party Bus Rentals To Las Vegas Starting From Southern California Los Angeles, Orange County San Diego, Riverside, Ventura County, Santa Barbara+++

"A  Party Bus Rental Limousine Is One Of The Best Ways For You To Create A Memorable Experience When Staging A Party In  Las Vegas NV, Utilizing A Party Bus Is Lots Of Fun For You &  Guests. Party Buses Are The Safest In Transportation To Las Vegas OC & LA California , Includes Beverages And More."

For Your Special Events ..Bachelor / Bachelorette Party  Concert Game Corporate Service   Anniversaries  Proposal Wedding Birthday Tours Vegas Trips & . More..

The Only Party Bus With Dual 2 Dance Poles in Orange County & Los Angeles CA Click Here

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30 Passenger Party Bus Krystal

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50  Party Bus Limousine

Hottest & Latest 50 Passenger Party Bus Limousine Arrival


 Here is  Las Vegas VIP Club Venue:

Pure Night Club @ Ceasers Palace Casino
Open tues,thurs,fri,sat,sun
Hrs 10:30pm-4am
Vanity nightclub @ the hard rock casino
Open Fri-Sun
Hrs 10:30pm-4am
LAX @ Luxor
Open wed,thur,fri, sat
Hrs 10:30pm-4am
Rehab pool @ The Hard Rock
Open Sat-Mon
Hrs 10am-7pm
Wet Republic pool @ MGM
Open Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon
Hrs 10am-7pm
Venus European Pool @ Ceasers Palace
Open 7 days a week

Limousine Party Bus Rental

Party Bus Baby Yaa

Party Bus LA OC  

18 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(10) Limousine Party Bus
 20 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(18) Limousine Party Bus
 20 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(20) Limousine Party Bus
 22 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(22) Limousine Party Bus
  24 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(24) Limousine Party Bus
  18 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(24) Limousine Party Bus
  18 Passenger Limousine Party Bus (30) Limousine Party Bus
  18 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(32) Limousine Party Bus
  32 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(35) Limousine Party Bus
  40 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(40) Limousine Party Bus

40 Passenger Limousine Party Bus(40 #2) Limousine Party Bus


Don't let the word "Bus" fool you? these are not city buses! These Limousine Party Buses are the most comfortable of all luxury Party Bus limousine vehicles, with plenty of room to stand up and move around? With its own restroom and Separate VIP room  New Party Bus With Dance Pole that Changes Colors, Dance pole is fun. Play Video to See Click on the pic to Enlarge

Its like your own private nightclub on wheels. The custom designed limousine Party Bus interiors offer lounge style seating and lighting, TV/VCR/DVD, and full surround stereo. a 2000+ watt sound system, and neon lighting... The party limo bus is ideal for your bachelor or bachelorette, Prom party or other special night out in a limousine bus

These luxury limousine buses come in several sizes to seat groups from 12 to 50 Passengers. If you want to ride in true comfort and still be on the coolest limo ride in town this is the vehicle for you! Availability is limited, so call now to reserve your  Party Bus Limousine and let the party begin  

21 and Over - Complementary Bar  - Ask us How  Free Entry
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 Party Bus in Orange County & Los Angeles CA

Fun 50 Passenger Party Bus OC LA CA

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Party Bus Las Vegas, VIP services event creating premium party packages

tailored to you - the Vegas party-goer.

Our custom packages cater to your needs, your wants, your Party Las Vegas. 
Create and build a party package that fits your schedule and your budget - we're flexible.
And, we will match or beat any service and/or package in all of Las Vegas. 
That's just how we roll.
Our unique custom packages include:
  • Transportation: Limos/Party Bus Stocked with Top Shelf Alcohol
  • VIP Nightclub Entrances, Comped Passes
  • VIP Hosted Entry (no waiting in line)
  • Table/Bottle Service at all Lounges & Nightclubs
  • Pool Parties, Day Beds, Cabanas
  • Your very own Personal VIP Host for the evening/weekend
  • After Hours Parties
  • Strip Club extravaganzas
  • Topless DJ's
  • Hotel Suites
  • Show Tickets
  • Grand Canyon Tours
  • Dining
  • Private Jets
  • Flights
  • Special Event Planning, company event planning
  •  Bachelor & Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Weekend with friends:A Party for All Occasions
Do Vegas right with real VIP services.  DO Party Las Vegas  

My name is Margie Gray and I am looking for your  Limo Bus (to seat 25) My daughter was at a party that your driver Angelo drove the Limo Party Bus (Lauren Loos ? 16th birthday) and had a great time.

Thank you,
Margie Gray


County We Service:  

San Bernardino S.B.
Orange County O.C.
Inland Empire I.E.
Los Angeles L.A.
San Diego S.D.
Palm Springs
Ventura +More.....



Platinum VIP Red Carpet Service

  Some Amenities are Not Included in All Size Party Buses!  

 Complimentary Bar (Includes Free Drinks Limo Bus) 21 and Over
  Services:   Amenities:
  We are proud to announce the provision of our superior transportation services. We cater to all occasions, including   Our vehicles come "fully loaded" with all the latest amenities!

VIP Host Services New!

Grand Tour of LA! Hollywood
Movie Star
Corporate Services
Hollywood & Los Angeles Sightseeing

Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties
Concerts & Games
Business meetings
Out of town trips
Rose Bowl Transportation
Any Occasion/Events
Las Vegas Trips
Laughlin Trips
State Line Trips
Casino Trips (Packages)
Hollywood Party Bus (Packages)
LAX Party Bus  Pick Up Drop Off
  Complimentary bar (Includes Free Drinks boos) 21 and Over 
Fibber optic
Neon Disco Light Show
Fog Machine
Direct TV
Choice of interior/exterior colours
Free Champagne
Leather seats
Privacy partitions
Wrap around seats
Red carpet
Stereo and CD DVD player
Wet bar with crystal
Mixed Sodas
10000+ Watt Sound System
6 Plasma/ Big Flat Screens
Sony Play Station
iPod Hookup
Dance Pole (Tripper pole) (On Party Buses Only removable too)
More... Bells & Whistles
Pony Keg
Stand up bar


Some Amenities are Not Included in All Size Party Buses! 

Book Your Party Bus For Your Special Occasion Availability is Limited  

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